Bold Street Appeal | Ballarat, Victoria

When a house facelift takes a house from ‘old’ to ‘bold’, the garden needs to be equally as daring. The client brief for re-creating this Ballarat front garden was to “make it bold – make it be a statement!”.

With very little space to play with, the little garden had to work hard. Plus, this neighbourhood does not do front fences so the need for privacy was also in the design mix.

The Gleditsia trees were selected to be the main focus of the garden with their pop of lime-coloured leaves that work dramatically against the dark metal cladding. These trees will provide privacy for the front windows but still allow the house to be seen through its open foliage. I also love how the Gleditsia tree is so easily pruned to ensure all the young branches grow in wanted directions.

The drama and boldness were then turned up another notch by using plant colours that, in no way, fade into each other. The red of the Kangaroo Paw and the yellow of the Billy Buttons are both unapologetic for vying for your attention.

This house is now an absolute standout in its street.

Before & During

The Completed Project

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