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This garden is the quintessential ‘secret garden’. You enter the home down a lane way that gives no indication of what is hidden over the high wall. An inconspicuous gateway leads you into a glorious home and garden space that was once a fabric factory and is now home to a family and their two teenage children. The garden was last altered in the 1980’s and was predominately redbrick walls and floors and a fountain that used up most of the available space.

The new garden design meets their love for entertaining and entertaining many people at a time. A bluestone paved floor will meet the interior floor allowing the living space and outdoors to join as one. All split ground levels will be removed so a long outdoor table can reach right across the front which can host large parties. A gas fireplace will add a warm glow while industrial style up-down lights will illuminate the facade of this three-story home.

To keep the secret garden ‘secret', a tall pleached hedge of Magnolia 'Exmouth', Acer palmatum (Polymorphum) and Acer palmatum 'Sango Kaku' will screen and shelter. The surrounding garden beds are cleverly sunken to allow the paved floor to ‘float’.

Around the corner is another separate garden that flanks the children’s bedroom wing. The style of this garden changes tone and will have a more ‘funky’ and casual feel. Plants were chosen for their quirky appeal and bold shapes such as aloe plicatilis, Sansevieria trifaciata and Aloe Polyphylla.

To light the garden at night, a series of Festoon lights will be strung across the tall house wall. The seating will consist of lightweight modular seating in a shape that mimics river rocks that can be moved about to suit any configuration.


This garden is currently under construction

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