Behind the cypress | Wagga Wagga, New South Wales

This charming story-book house once sat hidden behind a hedge of large cypress pines. Unfortunately, the pines had outgrown their space and had to go.  The owners of this home rang me when suddenly their home and garden was exposed and ready for a major overhaul. When I first visited this home, I was immediately struck by the fact that there was no way for visitors to reach the front door. Access to this home was down a steep drive, past the parked cars and through the back door! This house deserved more!

A disused basket ball half-court is now extended and converted into a magnificent visitors parking fore-court that can be clearly seen as they approach the home. The fore-court will be flanked by the new garden hedging that will hide the view of the house until you park and enter through red brick columns and onto a path that leads straight to the front door.

With the simple addition of a path, night time lighting and a very impressive illuminated street number, this house now has a very impressive entry that has greatly increase this property’s curb-appeal.The final touch to give ‘wow’ to the entry was to install a much needed handrail to the entry stairs. A wrought iron rail with the most magnificent detailing is the first tactile experience visitors have. As you descend to the door your hand touches a solid and ornate rail that gives you a sure and safe passage.

Planting will occur after the autumn rains arrives in 2018.

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