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I grew up gardening.

My father was a farmer, so I was born into a home surrounded by a large rambling country-style garden. I was 8 when the garden essentially became mine and its existence depended entirely on me. This was where I began my love for plants, caring for gardens, developing new spaces, and learning what happened when I moved a garden bed from here to there...and then to there (sorry Dad!).

Later I married a wonderful farmer and immediately set about creating yet another large country garden and discovering the joys of moving the garden fence further and further out into the sheep paddock (sorry Dick!).

In 2012 I officially turned my passion for gardens into a qualification when I graduated from Burnley Horticultural College at Melbourne University. It was there I studied under so many industry leaders including Andrew Laidlaw, Landscape Architect at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Melbourne and John Rayner, Director of Urban Horticulture at Burnley.

The greatest thing I can do for my client is unearth all the things they need from a garden and create a space which brings it all to reality - in other words, I want your garden to be the most used and loved ‘room’ in your home.

What am I up to day to day? The life of a garden designer is varied and often fun. Check some of the latest photos from my Instagram channel below. Or come and follow me @callysinclairgardens.

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