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If you need help tweaking your garden or are wanting a total garden makeover then Cally Sinclair Garden Design is ready to help. No matter what size or stage your garden journey is at, we can assist you.


A consult is usually a one hour visit to walk your garden and discuss areas of concern, areas that are working well, and what it is you would like to achieve. A consult is a great way to 'dip your toe' in to the benefits of a designed garden and see if a full Garden Design is what you need. Consult fees start around $250 depending on the location of your garden. Contact Cally Sinclair Gardens for more details.

Garden Design

A garden design always starts with a meeting on site to talk over your hopes and dreams, your wish-list of desired features, the plants you love, and desired budget. Any ideas, photos or details you can provide helps to shape the next phase – the Concept Layout.

Final Plan
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    1 - The Concept Layout

    Following the initial visit and a quick measure and site analysis, Cally will create a variety of computer drawn, scaled, concept plans each showing alternative ways your garden (or a part of your garden) could be laid out. All gardens should have flow, scale, light, shade, screening, outlook and most importantly draw people outside to enjoy the new space.

    Usually clients pick and choose elements from each of the concepts which can be merged to form the final concept. From here we move to the details stage which is called the Final Plan.

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    2 - The Final Plan

    Using the final Concept Layout, I move to adding the required heights, depths, widths, materials and specifications required. Also, the planting plan is created. This shows exactly where each plant is to be planted, how many are needed and what size to buy them in at. A further option is to have us choose outdoor furniture, pavers, lighting and other accessories to make your new garden the complete package!

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    3 - The Construction Phase

    The Final plan is like an Architect’s plan and has all the information required to start construction. This may be done by the client at their own pace, or at the client’s request, quotes from comparative contractors can be provided and their work is properly supervised ensuring the design intent is delivered.

Building a new house or renovating?

The earlier you bring in the garden designer during the build, the better. Knowing the layout of your future garden can ensure the builder places pipes, power outlets, pits, slabs etc in areas that do not interfere with the garden. I will supply the builder a tailored plan that shows where all the features that impact on the build will be located. These can include

  • where the pool will be and where underground services must not go.
  • Where trade vehicles must be excluded to prevent compacting future garden bed areas
  • Where excavated topsoil can be stockpiled and later moved for reuse
  • Where concrete slabs can be extended beyond the house to create the base for outdoor entertaining areas and instructions for including slab-conduits for lighting, irrigation and even a small opening for a shade tree.
  • The possibility of an external door to be moved, steps to be widened or even have a kitchen window altered to create a serving window to a BBQ area!

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